Previous Investigations (2022)

Dubious Honorary Consuls

Shadow Diplomats

In theory, honorary consuls are meant to foster ties between countries. But in practice criminals and others accused of exploiting the position have infiltrated their ranks. Among them:  terror financiers, murderers, arms traffickers and drug runners.  ››› 

Russia's War in Ukraine

Fueling the War

A joint venture of the German company Wintershall Dea delivers gas condensate to Gazprom. The  Russian state-owned corporation in turn provides aviation fuel to military bases believed to be behind highly critized air strikes on civilians in Ukraine. ››› 

Sanctions against Russia

Putin's Daughter's Unnoticed Travels

Over the course of several years, Putin's daughter Katerina Tikhonova made numerous trips to Bavaria together with an entourage of - likely armed -  bodyguards. Our reporting revealed: The German authorities knew nothing of the excursions.  ››› 

Exposing Human Rights Violations

Xinjiang Police Files

Leaked files and photos from Xinjiang internment camps contradict China's official statements regarding the discrimination of the Uyghurs. Published during the visit of UN Commissioner Michelle Bachelet, the revelations sparked an international debate. ››› 

Exposing Secret Bank accounts

Suisse Secrets

A historic leak of Swiss banking records reveals that Credit Suise catered to criminals, dictators and political actors with outsized wealth. At the same time, Switzerland's draconian banking secrecy laws silence journalists, who way want to expose wrongdoing. ›››

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