Previous Investigations (2023)


The Oligarch Files

Picasso, Monet, Schiele: An international investigation has unveiled one of the most prestigious art collections ever assembled. Just before the onset of the war against Ukraine, the sanctioned Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich  employed legal maneuvers to safeguard his invaluable art pieces. ››› 


Dark Money

The Zurich Leak

The wastewater company Mosvodokanal compensates Russian soldiers and has granted contracts to the long-term partner of the company's boss. According to confidential documents, she invests in luxury real estate in Berlin, Germany. Accusations of corruption and money laundering loom large. ›››  

SMoking for the state

China Tobacco

For two decades, the state-owned China Tobacco has undermined a significant anti-smoking agreement. An international investigation has revealed that this Chinese monopoly has obstructed or diluted health policy reforms, leading to predictions of millions more deaths. ›››  

War in Ukraine

The OSCE-Files

The Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) is in danger of collapsing in Russia's war of aggression against Ukraine: Russia is misusing it as a cover for spies - and to sabotage decisions. Experts from various countries have identified suspicious Russian personnel in the ranks of the OSCE. ››› 

Nord Stream

The Evidence Points to Kiev

In fall 2022, a secret commando blew up the Nord Stream pipelines. Since then, investigators in Germany and elsewhere have been searching the perpetrators. A joint investigation of Der Spiegel, ZDF, paper trail media and RiseMoldova/OCCRP reveals: The leads investigators have found are extremely politically sensitive. ››› 


The Right-wing Website-Scam

A questionable ad network called AdStyle is placing ads with fake headlines from celebrities like Gerhard Schröder or Boris Becker on far-right websites based in Germany and abroad. They all seem to profit, in some cases for years, from the fact that their readership can be ripped off one click further. ››› 

Russian Oligarchs

The Rotenberg Files

Boris and Arkady Rotenberg were two of the most prominent Russian oligarchs and friends of Vladimir Putin to be sanctioned after the Kremlin's 2014 annexation of Crimea. Never-before-seen insider documents now offer unprecedented insight into how the shielded their fortune - and who helped them to it. ››› 


Sex, Power, Abuse

The German rock band "Rammstein" is hit by a sex abuse scandal. There is said to have been a perverse groupie system around frontman Till Lindemann. Alleged victims and witnesses tell of dubious practices regarding "row zero", of nasty after-show parties - and of other crude practices. ››› 


Betrayal of Secrets

In the past, they piloted Bundeswehr fighter jets, now several German ex-soldiers are apparently training military pilots in China - and collecting horrendous salaries for it. German security authorities are alarmed. Experts warn of a potential threat to Germany's national security.  ››› 


The Bruno and Dom Project

On June 5, 2022, British journalist Dom Phillips and this Brazilian guide, Bruno Pereira, were murdered in the heart of Brazil's Javari Valley. Together with the non-profit newsroom Forbidden Stories and more than a dozen media outlets paper trail media pursued their investigations.   ››› 


Abuse of Power by a famous Chef

Christian Jürgens is a star, honoured by three Michelin stars, four Gault-Millau toques, two times Chef of the Year. After months of investigation, the picture that emerges is of a man who regularly oversteps the boundaries of his employees - and has done so for years: Jürgens allegedly bullied and harassed employees. ››› 

Cyber Warfare

Vulkan Files

Thousands of pages of secret documents reveal how the Moscow-based defense contractor NTC Vulkan helped Russian intelligence agencies to strenghten their ability to launch cyberattacks, sow disinformation and surveil the internet. The investigation uncovered NTC Vulkan's links to "Sandworm" and "Cozy Bear". ››› 


Deforestation Inc.

A cross-border investigation exposes the flaws of the systems designed to combat forest destruction. The investigation shows how companies use the results of flawed audits to advertise products and operations as compliant with environmental standards, labor laws and human rights. ››› 



A secretive  firm offers to rig elections, spread lies and destroy livelihoods for money. Notorious mercenaries sell propaganda campaigns to despots. Undercover reporters document revelations on shaky videos, courageous female reporters continue to investigate despite being threatened and insulted. ›››