Hunting the Chinese Phantom

The World's Most Dangerous Arms Dealer - or: The Powerlessness of the West

  • "A thrilling and globe-spanning account of the search for the world's most wanted man (...). The book delves  into international rivalries, and explores a shifting game of realpolitik (...). Lucid, compelling, and vividly written." - Luke Harding
  • "The fact that a thriller-like story reveals international constellations like a spotlight usually only happens in novels and movies. In the Karl Lee story, however, nothing has to be constructed by a screenplay in order to make that larger context visible: as a very real nightmare." - Internationale Politik


The Panama Papers

Breaking the Story of How the Rich and the Powerful Hide Their Money

  • "An extremely important book - this decade's most important than this year's" - The Times Literary Supplement 
  • "With precision and purpose, THE PANAMA PAPERS is what 'Follow the Money' means." - Bob Woodward, The Washington Post
  • "THE PANAMA PAPERS is a tale of fearless and careful reporting by Bastian Obermayer and Frederik Obermaier … How to follow the money — the lesson of the Watergate investigation a generation ago — has been given a reboot for the age of globalisation with this commendable account." - Financial Times

The Ibiza Affair

The Secret Plan of Right-wing Populists

  • "Exciting like a thriller. Bitter for the reader: This is not fiction, but political reality." - Handelsblatt
  • "The Fourth Power has fully assumed its responsibility" - Alexander van der Bellen, President of Austria
  • "The affair continues to smoulder, politically as well as legally." - Neue Zürcher Zeitung
  • "The Freedom Party and its ilk are not going away; what has become even clearer is that they must be kept as far as possible from the corridors of power." - New York Times
  • "A moment of glory for journalism." - Tina Groll, DJU

The Suisse SEcrets

How Bankers have hidden the Money of Tax Evaders, Torture Generals, Dictators and the Catholic church - with the Help of Swiss Lawmakers.

  • "Whether you are a friend or critic of banking secrecy, this book is already assured a prominent place in the historiography of the Swiss banking center." - Tages-Anzeiger
  • "I believe that Swiss banking secrecy laws are immoral. The pretext of protecting financial privacy is merely a fig leaf covering the shameful role of Swiss banks as collaborators of tax evaders. (...) This situation enables corruption and starves developing countries of much-needed tax revenue." - The anonymous source of the #SuisseSecrets