Hello, WE are paper trail media, An Award-winning team of investigative journalists. We do Print, ONline, Podcast and Video.

We are the journalists behind the #PanamaPapers, #ParadisePapers and #SuisseSecrets. Together with OCCRP, ICIJ and FORBIDDEN STORIES we worked on  the #PegasusProject, #ChinaCables, the #RussianAssetTracker and more. Stay tuned.


Paper trail media brings together some of the best European investigative journalists. The award-winning team does international impact journalism - print, online, in podcasts and video. Our reporters have been working with the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ), the Forbidden Stories-Network, the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP) as well as the Anti-Corruption Data Collective. The revelations regularly trigger debates, investigations and change laws. In Germany, paper trail media is exclusively partnering with the magazine Der Spiegel and the public broadcaster ZDF. paper trail media collaborates with the Austrian newspaper Der Standard as well as the Swiss Tamedia-group.

„We live in the golden era of investigative journalism. Society needs muckrakers more than ever. Collaborative journalism  can make a difference - and change the world for the better.“

Frederik Obermaier & Bastian Obermayer 

Founders of paper trail media


Storykillers (Forbidden Stories)

Shadow Diplomats (SPIEGEL & ICIJ)

Fueling the war (SPIEGEL & ZDF)

Xinjiang Police Files (SPIEGEL & others)

Interview with Panama Papers-source

Panama Papers (ICIJ)

Pegasus Project (Forbidden Stories)

Suisse Secrets (OCCRP)